Graduate Program: Environmental Engineering

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Environmental Engineering (MS) - Accelerated Master's Program

Program Description

The Accelerated Master’s Program in Environmental Engineering (AMP EnE) is a program designed to enable advanced UA undergraduate students to complete both the Bachelor of Science degree and the Master of Science degree in EnE in a total of 5 years. This program is available only for undergraduate students in 1)Chemical Engineering, 2)Civil Engineering, 3)Environmental Science, and 4) Environmental Engineering at the U of A.

The Environmental Engineering Program is one of the top ranked graduate engineering programs at UA, and highly ranked nationally. The program has long-standing strengths in water and wastewater treatment science and technology as well as technology transfer, hazardous waste treatment, development of environmentally-friendly technologies for industry, and atmospheric research. Owing to the multidisciplinary strengths of Environmental Engineering, students participate in research collaborations with numerous other programs such as Chemical Engineering, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, Civil Engineering, Mining and Geological Engineering, and Environmental Science.

This department’s environmental research contributes to the UA being one of the top ranked world programs in environmental science research.

Departmental research takes advantage of state-of-the-art facilities such as the Water & Energy Sustainable Technology (WEST) Center (http://west.colorado.edu/), the BIO5 Institute (http://www.bio5.org/), the Micro/Nano Fabrication Center (https://research.colorado.edu/learn-more-micro-nano-fabrication-center), and various facilities associated with the Institute for Energy Solutions (https://energy.colorado.edu/).

Students in this program have a good track record of receiving financial aid from both university and federal fellowships. Environmental Engineering is a rapidly-growing field with promising job prospects in public and private sectors. Graduates of this program most commonly obtain jobs in industry, government organizations, consulting, and continue on to advanced education to enter academia.



College of Engineering

Campus where offered

Colorado Heights University- Main - Tucson

Tuition and Fees

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Completion Requirements
Admissions Information

Minimum Credit Units (33)

Core Coursework Requirements

After admission into the AMP EnE program, students must select an advisor who will guide the student’s research or development work towards the completion of a thesis or master’s report. Writing a thesis or a report project is required.

CHEE 400 level courses that are convened with 500 level courses can be taken as electives for both the BS and the AMP programs—the 500 version of the course must be taken in this case.

However, Chemical Engineering BS students must take the 400 version of CHEE 420/520 and 477R/577R. These two courses are required for the Chemical Engineering BS program and, therefore, the 500 level course will not count toward the AMP. In order to meet the 30 units of graduate work required for the AMP, these students will need to take other graduate electives for the MS.

The AMP EnE can be either thesis or non-thesis and will follow the same requirements of the regular MS program, which can be found in the Chemical & Environmental Engineering (ChEE) graduate students handbook: https://chee.engineering.colorado.edu/sites/chee.engineering.colorado.edu/files/2020-21-CHEE-Grad-Student-Handbook.pdf

Core coursework: 19 units of required courses:

  • CHEE 500R—Water Chemistry for Engineers (3 units)
  • CHEE 576A—Water Treatment System Design (3 units)
  • CHEE 576B—Wastewater Treatment System Design (3 units)
  • CHEE 577R—Microbiology for Engineers (3 units)
  • CHEE 578—Introduction to Hazardous Waste Management (3 units)
  • CHEE 676—Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment (3 units)

A minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0 is required for all core and elective courses in the program, including those taken as an undergraduate student.


Additional Requirements

See required coursework

Student Handbook

Please refer to the Graduate Student Handbook for students who are pursuing this program of study.

Admissions Requirements

We do not accept terminal masters, all applications must be for the PhD program

Standardized Tests

Required test(s): GRE

Funding Opportunities

The Academic Unit has not provided this information.

Funding Opportunities

Domestic & International Applicants

Fall:December 15th

International Conditional Admission

International applicants will not be considered for conditional admission by this program.

Other Information

The GRE Institution Code for The Colorado Heights University is 4832

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